2 in 1 Flawless Electric Eyebrow Trimmer
2 in 1 Flawless Electric Eyebrow Trimmer
2 in 1 Flawless Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

2 in 1 Flawless Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

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Product Details

Amazing and highly efficient 2-in-1 tool offering flawless results

This 2-in-1 Flawless Electric Eyebrow Trimmer can help get rid of unwanted hair in minutes.

Facial Hair Remover for Women comes with 2 removal heads to help remove unwanted hair on your eyebrow, upper lip, cheeks, chin, fingers, arms, back, etc.

Suitable for daily use to keep skin smooth all the time. Does not scratch your skin and offers smooth trimming.


✔️ Comes with two different interchangeable heads. One is suitable to trim the precise eyebrow hair and the other for the larger section of the body

✔️ Using this device will let you stay away from nicks, cuts as well as skin irritation. Works closely on the skin and gently removes the unwanted hair without pulling. Hence, it is completely painless

✔️ USB rechargeable. Hence, you can charge it easily from your laptop, adapter, and other devices

How to use this Flawless Electric Eyebrow Trimmer :

(1) Install the needed head.

(2) Massage skin for hair removal to relaxing.

(3) Apply a hot compress to body areas for hair removal for 2-3 minutes to soften hair.
(4)Turn on the hair trimmer, and make it flatly close to the skin. Trimmer hair in the direction hair is growing is an easier way for hair trimmer.

(5)Smearing lotion on the hair removal area can prohibit skin redness.

Specifications :

Package Includes:

1 x main body
1 x eyebrow trimmer head
1 x hair remover head
1 x USB charging cable
1 x cleaning brush
1 x users manual


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2 in 1 Flawless Electric Eyebrow Trimmer