2 in 1 High Quality Double Head Eyebrow Brush

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Product Details

This new 2 in 1 Eyebrow Brush is easy to use and perfect for those just starting to apply makeup. 

With this spoolie brush, you can make your eyebrows and apply eye shadow easily without having to change tools. You can simply choose the end of the brush you need and you're ready to go.

Benefits :

✔️ This Double Head Eyebrow Brush is great for traveling, especially when you're a woman who's always on the go.

✔️ It fits into your makeup bag without taking up too much space.

✔️ It includes a spool brush that combs and tames your eyebrows.

✔️ It also includes an eye shadow brush that helps you achieve perfect shadow and makeup.

✔️ Perfect to carry around in your purse for last-minute brow grooming.

✔️ Suitable for professional and personal daily use.

✔️ Stylish brush, easy to use, and perfect for makeup beginners.

Specifications :

  • Hair Material: Synthetic fiber
  • Handle material: Wood
  • Length: 15.5 cm
  • Color: Black


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2 in 1 High Quality Double Head Eyebrow Brush