3 Pcs Set Cuticle Nippers and Pusher
3 Pcs Set Cuticle Nippers and Pusher
3 Pcs Set Cuticle Nippers and Pusher

3 Pcs Set Cuticle Nippers and Pusher

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Product Details

3 Pcs set of tools including cuticle nippers and pusher for achieving the perfect pedicure and manicure look

The tools are designed keeping in mind the plethora of needs of the users for creating a one-stop solution to clean nails.

Easy to handle, with a lightweight design and great grip, these tools are hassle-free to use.

Anyone, from experts to beginners can use these clippers and pushers to achieve beautiful nails.

The pusher comes with a double-ended design to trim and push varying areas of the nails. While the curved one helps push the cuticles, the sharp one is to remove the residue left or eliminates the gel paints.


✔️ Made of stainless steel, these tools are high quality and provide a longer service life

✔️ The clipper blade is sharp and very efficient in removing hard nails as well as ingrowths

✔️ The tools aren’t too big not too small. These flaunt the perfect size to fit your hands for providing a hassle-free experience

✔️ Unique Spring & Sharp Edge . Unique spring design has passed our repeated elastic test , sharp finished tips for precise cutting of hangnails and ragged cuticles.

Package Includes:

1 x Large Size Cuticle Nail Pusher 
1 x Small Size Cuticle Nail Pusher 
1 x Cuticle Nipper Cutter 


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3 Pcs Set Cuticle Nippers and Pusher