5 in 1 Professional Hair Dryer & Straightener
5 in 1 Professional Hair Dryer & Straightener
5 in 1 Professional Hair Dryer & Straightener

5 in 1 Professional Hair Dryer & Straightener

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Product Details

The hot air brush dryer for women comes with five interchangeable brush attachments that make straightening, curling, and volumizing

It can fit different hair lengths and create different styles. Protect your hair from damage while not missing out on the beautiful hairstyles. Use this 5-in-1 professional tool to work like a hair dryer & straightener.

Easy to operate, this tool is great for everyday use. Helps in nourishing the damaged hair, you can give your locks a much-needed break from low-quality products.

How to use this Hair Dryer & Straightener :

The extra-long power cord makes it easier to use and operate.


✔️Featuring 5 detachable heads, you can get different hairstyles with one tool 

✔️Three different temperature level setups for suitable adjustment as per particular hair requirements 

✔️The 360-degree rotating cable allows for easy handling of the product 

✔️Negative ion technology is utilized for saturating the airflow and avoiding hair damage

✔️Allows the strands to breathe and stay healthy and shiny 

✔️The power cord is large for ensuring hassle-free usage 

✔️The brush is made of nylon needles along with tufted bristle to prevent hair breakage 

✔️It is safer to place the volumizer closer to your scalp which isn’t recommended with traditional heating tools


    • Power: More than 100 W
    • Min. temperature: 140 °C
    • Max. temperature: More Than 240 °C


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    5 in 1 Professional Hair Dryer & Straightener