Acrylic Cleaner Liquid Gel Polish Remover

Acrylic Cleaner Liquid Gel Polish Remover

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Product Details

A powerful acrylic cleaner formulated with liquid gel texture makes a great solution as a polish remover

This remover is very fast and quickly gets rid of gel nail polish with ease. No need to scrap your nails, just apply the cleaner and wait for a few minutes to make it work.

Created with a unique formula to protect your nails from harmful ingredients, the product is very safe to use. Plus, it's easy to use as well. You do not need professional help to get rid of those permanent gel extensions.


✔️ It flaunts the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to make sure your nails are healthy and smooth

✔️ Helps improve the damage done by the UV curing of the nails and brings back the shiny texture to keep your nails lovely and beautiful.

✔️ Suitable for home use as well as salon use. Plus, it does not dry out and maintains its texture for long


  • Type: Gel Soak Off Remover
  • Material: plastic

Package Content:

1*bottle Gel Soak Off Remover


keep out of reach of children


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Acrylic Cleaner Liquid Gel Polish Remover