4 in 1 Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

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Replace lip liner, eyebrow enhancer, and eyeliner with this one automatic eyebrow pencil. 

This product is a 4 in 1 solution for different makeup needs.

What can be the best traveling companion than a product that can work to help you eliminate the need of carrying various makeup products for different needs?


Benefits :

✔️ Waterproof and smudge-proof.

✔️ This product is a 4 in 1 solution for different makeup needs.

✔️ It comes with 4 refills each of which can be chosen at a time for the desired makeup requirement.

✔️ You can use it for :

  • Lining your eyebrows.
  • Thickening your brows.
  • Lining your lips.
  • As an eyeliner as well.

    What It Does:

    This rotating pencil serves 4 different grooming needs making it the perfect partner for those who travel a lot or for those who like to be party-ready anytime.  to Use it to enhance your looks and rule the parties and gatherings every time.



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    4 in 1 Automatic Eyebrow Pencil