Chew Ball Jaw Muscle Exerciser

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Do You Also Tend To Ignore Your Face Muscles? Achieve that chiseled look overnight with this high-quality jawline exerciser.

Most of us improve our physical well being by working out in the gym and taking care of our muscles but tend to forget the muscles which are seen by people the most - our face & neck muscles. Now work on your face & neck muscles to get a look that can get your heads turned!

Our jawline exerciser lets you exercise your MOST VISUAL BODY PART without needing to break a sweat, wherever you are. This revolutionary patented technology enhances your jawline & tones/tightens your face/neck quickly.


✔️ Safe to Chew: The ball is hygienic and properly packaged making it perfect for cheeks muscle. The machine balls do not break or separate when chewing making it easier to get that younger slimmer chisel mouth. 

✔️ Easy to use: Jawzersise has never been easier! This mouthpiece is designed to be used on molars as if you were chewing gum, 3-4 sets of 15-30 reps for beginners, and taking a rest if cheek tissue is sore. 

✔️ Packaging: Includes an extra bite strip, strap thread, and an easy-to-lift carrying case which makes this product convenient to Keep With You, carry around, to use On the Go, at the Gym, and at Work. 

✔️ Reusable: This product is made of quality silicone material which makes them elastic and reusable for a long time, up to thousands of chewing. Perfect as weights remover, jaws shaper, and fat burner. 

✔️ Can be used anywhere: Convenient, easy to carry hands-free exercises can be used when going out, at the gym, at work, and anywhere.

Get a more defined face and bring back your youthful look!

How to use:

  1. To fit, first practice placing a jaw exerciser and get the feel for how wide you should open your mouth. Put Jaw Exerciser with biting strips in boiling water for 20-25 seconds.
  2. Remove Jaw Exerciser from boiling water, shake off excess water, but don't wait too long to let it cool.
  3. Stick your thumbs through the hole, place, and adjust the jaw exerciser so you are biting down on bite strips. Bite down and hold for 15 seconds to customize the mouthpiece to the contours of your own mouth.
  4. Remove jaw exerciser from the mouth and cool your imprints under cold water for a few seconds to permanently set imprints.
  5. Please follow our Recommended Workout Scheme to get the best results and reduce the risk of injury.
  6. Measure Results Before you start we suggest that you take a picture of yourself with clear lightning. Then after 4-8 weeks+ of frequently exercising Jawline take a new picture and see if you've made some progress.


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Chew Ball Jaw Muscle Exerciser