Colorful Eyebrow Comb & Eyebrow Brush

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Product Details

Colorful Eyebrow Comb & Eyebrow Brush is a complete solution for messy eyelashes and eyebrows

Available in colorful handles, this product works as an eyebrow comb & eyelash brush.

This Mascara Applicator is made of a high-quality brush to help you manage your beauty routine effectively. While the crystal design handles offer the product a unique look, the multiple uses make it even more irresistible.

A flexible head makes it convenient to bend the handle to different angles when working through the eyebrows. While a straight head is suitable to untangle eyebrows.


✔️The soft bristle of the brush offers skin protection against rashes

✔️The product is very light in weight. Hence, you can use it effortlessly 

✔️It has a portable design and a pencil look that accommodates anywhere 

✔️Comes with a cover on the top to protect the brush from dust

✔️The rust-free material used to create the body of the product increases its shelf life 

✔️The aluminum tube further enhances the protection of the brush


  • Used With: Eyebrow/Eyelashes  brush
  • Size: 16.5cm
  • Handle Material: Plastic


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Colorful Eyebrow Comb & Eyebrow Brush