Colorful Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof

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Create those perfect lines for sexy eyes using the various colorful eyeliner 

Multipurpose the best color eyeliner can be used not only as an eyeliner but also as an eye shadow. It is suitable for facial painting and glitter art on the face.

The Matte Colorful Liquid Eyeliner is easy to apply and colored, natural, and comfortable formula that glides on smoothly, a high precision tip that draws a sharp line, and intense coloring.


✔️ Long-lasting apply our waterproof and long-acting color eyeliner in the morning. It lasts all day, and you will find your eye makeup as clean as in the morning.

✔️ Smudge-free for ensuring you do not rub the eyeliner away to fade even accidentally

✔️ Formulated using great ingredients to keep your eyes and skin safe

✔️ Suitable for everyday use

✔️ Easy to take off. Just use the cotton with the oil of your choice to gently rub the color away

How to use this pen liner :

Specifications :

  •   weight: 2ml 


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Colorful Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof