Cotton Wipes Nail Polish Cleaner

Cotton Wipes Nail Polish Cleaner

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Product Details

Cotton wipes as a cleaner & nail polish remover for ensuring a lint-free finish in one go

These wipes are lightweight and do not stick to your nails when cleaning. Hence, they offer a hassle-free process of scraping nail polish for clear nails. It does not contain fibers that are often stuck on the nails during cleaning.


It's soft to touch and very handy. Apart from nail polish, you can also remove your makeup, clean your baby's face, and use it for mirror cleaning too. A multipurpose product that comes with small pores being breathable and very efficient.


✔️ It flaunts high liquid absorption power. Hence, it’s easy to wipe your face dry or clean the liquid, spilled on the tabletop.

✔️ The wipes are non-toxic and non-allergic. Hence, it's suitable for all skin types, including babies and kids

✔️ Made of durable material. Hence, it won’t tear off easily or deform. Thus offering a longer service life.


  • Ingredient: 100% Cotton
  • Item Type: Nail Polish Remover
  • Color: White

 How to use it?

Package content :

1*Pack of 180pcs Cotton Wipes Nail Polish Cleaner


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Cotton Wipes Nail Polish Cleaner