DIY Automatic Quik Twist Hair Braider
DIY Automatic Hair Braider
DIY Automatic Quik Twist Hair Braider

DIY Automatic Quik Twist Hair Braider

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Get Creative, Get Twisting, Create A Beautiful New Look With Ease!

We all know how stressful it can be to braid your hair, Hours of tireless manual braiding.

We have some wonderful news for you, DIY Automatic Quik Twist Hair Braider is a completely new hair styling tool that is very useful for twisting hair quickly and easily.

This innovative and fun hair styling tool lets you create a twisted and braid effect hairstyles effortlessly and with beautiful results.

In a few easy steps, create your own stylish curls, which can be held in place later on with jewelry or bands. 


✔️ This tool is specially designed to be portable and practical with a complete Humanised design.

✔️ Featuring one-click controls and it feels very comfortable in your hand.

✔️ Made to fit the contour design of your palm.

✔️ These curlers use a sensitive detection technology to prevent your hair from accidentally getting stuck within the curler's tweezers. 

✔️ The tweezers are designed with full 360-degree rotation which allows you to fully customize your braids. 

✔️ The DIY Automatic Hair Braider is Quick, Simple & Easy To Use.

✔️ Save your time and money.

How to use:

  • Pick 1 strand of your hair, push the hairpin on the left upwards and put your hair into the folder, then release the button;
  • Turn on the switch in the middle of the device, the hair will be twisted clockwise till to the root, then turn off.
  • Remove the hair, tie it with a hairband.


1x HairDoc™ Automatic Hair Curler.


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DIY Automatic Quik Twist Hair Braider