Double Color Eye Shadow Palette

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Product Details

Flatter your look with this shimmering eye shadow palette. Do it quickly and hassle-free!

This Brilliant Eye Shadow Palette enhances eye shadow shades in a more seductive way by offering two different colors in one pack, so you can personalize your eye makeup.  

Benefits :

✔️ High-quality ingredients with silky luster colors.

✔️ Easy to apply.

✔️ Long-lasting and natural.

✔️ Perspiration resistant and waterproof.

✔️ Brilliant colors with an exquisite light silty texture.

✔️ Portable, easy to use, easy to wear.

✔️ Perfect for professional salon or personal use.


  • Effect: Waterproof, Long-lasting, Brighten, Easy to wear

  • Luster: Glitter, Shimmer, Matte

  • Color: 3 Colors Available


Step 1: Apply a ball of custom eye shadow on a double-colored eye shadow and apply the eye shadow.

Step 2: Brush the eye shadow ball over the eyeliner, dark eye shadow towards the inside of the eye, light color towards the outside.

Step 3: Repeat brushing the eye shadow brush.


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Double Color Eye Shadow Palette