Dual-Ended Lip Liner and Lipstick

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Product Details

Complete your lip makeup routine with this Dual-Ended Lip Liner and Lipstick

Use the lip liner to cover the edges of your lips and fill the lips with the perfect lipstick shade afterward. The slim design and the portable size of the product make it handy for travel and daily use.

Just slip it inside your purse and get ready for instant plan changes. Available in multiple shades, there is one product for almost every occasion. The lipstick is also waterproof to maintain the perfect lips all day long.


✔️Made of natural ingredients, you can trust this product to keep your skin and lips safe

✔️Suitable for every woman, whether you are a beauty professional or not

✔️High color concentration makes the colors stay dark for longer

✔️Keeps lips hydrated and highly moisturized for avoiding dull lips 

✔️Wonderful, offering matte style with highly pigmented coverage


  • Type: Lip Gloss
  • The Package Includes: Lip liner & Lipstick
  •  Net Weight: 1.5g


  • Do not use it on injured skin.
  • Store at a normal temperature.
  • Keep far away from children.


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Dual-Ended Lip Liner and Lipstick