Electric Nail Clippers for Adults

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Product Details

Ever tried these electric nail clippers designed especially for adults who love staying hygienic and clean

Available in different colors, these electric nail clippers are simple to use and very handy. You can store it inside your bags when traveling without any hassle.

The thoughtful design makes sure that you get the perfect grip while clipping nails and stay away from accidents.

It is small in size and easily fits your hand. This way, you can operate it with one hand while working on the nails of the other hand. Being fully automatic, it does not require a lot of manual effort.


✔️ The electric nail cutter is chargeable using the USB cable. Hence, you can always charge it after the battery drains out.

✔️ With a powerful battery, you get hours of operation after every charge. Thus, once charged, it can work multiple times before needing another round of charging

✔️ Featuring a 45° continuous blade rotation angle, designed to work at the optimum speed, the device is suitable for varying nail types

Specifications :

  • Material: Plastic

Package includes:

1 *Electric nail clippers
1 *USB cable
1 *Instructions


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Electric Nail Clippers for Adults