Electric Lifting Nose Shaper Clip
Electric Lifting Nose Shaper Clip

Electric Lifting Nose Shaper Clip

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Achieve That Perfect Nose Profile You’ve Been Dreaming Of!

Uncomfortable with the shape of your nose? Want a better-looking nose without any cosmetic procedures? Our Nose Straightener And Shaper is the perfect tool you need to reshape your nose more beautiful.

This nose lift device helps to improve your nose line with the help of soft electric vibrations. The nose slimmer is made of durable material and safe to use. Clip your nose in it and use it daily for only three minutes and get the natural nose shape without any pain.


✔️ LIFT & SHAPE YOUR NOSE: This nose slimmer is designed to push up your nose and create the perfect profile with its gentle electric vibrations from the bottom/side/front.

✔️ EASY TO OPERATE: Just simply clip your nose in the nose straightener and turn on the switch. It’ll vibrate and massage your nose. It must be used daily for three minutes.

✔️ LONG-LASTING DEVICE: This device is made of durable and safe material to ensure the maximum result without the need for expensive plastic surgery.

✔️ EFFECTIVE RESULTS: The vibration part of the nose lift device helps to bridge the nose and the nose holder makes the bridge of the nose higher.

✔️ CONVENIENCE AND SIMPLICITY: The nose straightener is a safe and painless way to improve nose shape. Small and easy to carry.

An Amazing Device To Have A Firmer & Better Looking Nose!

How Does It Work?

It features an electric vibration mechanism that creates soft vibrations with an applied pressure that will help reshape your nose that effectively lifts up a droopy nose and straightens a nasal bump.

How to use:

  1. Adjust the nose holder to your desired fitting;
  2. Switch ON the device to activate the vibration;
  3. Then stick the nose lifter device on your nose for 3 minutes per day.


    • Material: Plastic
    • Type: Nose Up Shaper
    • Size: 8.1x5.1x6.8cm
    • Model Number: Nose Corrector
    • Powered by: 1*Cr2032 button cell (battery is not included).


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    Electric Lifting Nose Shaper Clip