Electric Vacuum Cleaner & Blackheads RemoverElectric Vacuum Cleaner & Blackheads Remover
Electric Vacuum Cleaner & Blackheads Remover

Electric Vacuum Cleaner & Blackheads Remover

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Product Details

This vacuum cleaner & blackheads remover provide you with an instant solution to clean and clear skin

With this pore cleaner with an upgraded design and technology, You can easily get rid of acne, makeup residues, and whiteheads while fighting dull skin and fine lines. With consistent use, you can achieve tighter skin and ageless beauty.


This blackhead remover tool is suitable for ladies of all skin types, from normal to sensitive. It does not pose any harm and is highly safe.

With different suction heads, you can target the different areas on your face and achieve unmatched radiance instantly.


✔️ The slim and lightweight design enables you to carry out your cleaning routine with ease. The ergonomic body allows you the perfect hold while operating the device

✔️ High power suction to ensure you get clearer pores

✔️ Features multiple three levels for suction for providing customizable pressure

✔️ Rechargeable ensuring you never run out of batteries

✔️ LED indicator to provide details of the device settings

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Electric Vacuum Cleaner & Blackheads Remover