Extension 3D Effect Individual Eyelashes

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Product Details

The magic lashes create charming 3D eyes look for perfect curls

These false eyelash clusters are made of high-quality synthetic fiber, soft and comfortable. And You can use them 20-25 times with care.

Packed with 60 units to ensure you are never out of the thicker lashes, the product helps you stay ready for all occasions. Keep it casual or too gaudy to look your best. 

To achieve the real 3D effect for your fluttery eyes, connect the individual eyelashes featuring 10 lashes in each unit.

Benefits :

✔️ These eyelashes are very soft and feel lightweight when glued to the eyes. Hence, you can wear these for long hours without any trouble 

✔️ Helps make your eyes look awesome and vivid by adding brightness to the overall look 

✔️ 1 cluster has 10 lashes. So, you can add as many as you want to either keep the lashes thick or thin, as and when preferred

How to use this extension 3D effect individual eyelashes :

    Note: Please order the style which you like,10mm-16m different lengths for your choice, and create the look you want.


    • Length: 0,2*0,1 inch


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    Extension 3D Effect Individual Eyelashes