False Eyelash Stapler
False Eyelash Stapler

False Eyelash Stapler for Lifted Lashes

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Now it's easier and faster to apply your eyelashes!

The Lash Stapler allows you to achieve natural-looking lashes in one quick application. It instantly gives you a sexy, bold look. 

Benefits :

✔️ Securely glues your false eyelashes to the lash line.

✔️ It is engineered to dispense lashes of the same size every time.

✔️ No need to touch your lashes or glue during the application, certainly no mess.

✔️ Portable design and easy application.

✔️ It allows you to customize the desired length.

✔️ One-Size Fits All.

This Eyelash Stapler is a great addition to your beauty kit.


STEP 1: Scroll down to prime the tool.

STEP 2: When lashes are exposed halfway, press the top button to close and hold lashes in place.

STEP 3: Apply eyelash glue to the tips of the buds. Blow and wait 20-30 seconds until the glue is sticky.

STEP 4: At your lash line.

STEP 5: Press the bottom button to unlock and release the false lashes.


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False Eyelash Stapler for Lifted Lashes