Floral Design Nail Art Stickers

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Get a smoother finish and awesome-looking fingers with these floral designs and perfect your nail art makeup using stickers

Spring Nail Stickers there are 6 sheets of flower stickers for nail art with pink color, floral nail decals are full of hope and elegance. Various flower patterns bring you a different mood.

Suitable for most natural and fake nails, and can be used to design your own nail art, nail design, highlights, and other design elements, every day All can be mixed with different styles, which will make your nails more dazzling and charming.


✔️ These stickers have strong glue to ensure they hold on to your nails for longer

✔️ Comes in vibrant designs to ensure vivid beauty for your nails 

✔️ Perfect size to fit your nails without any hassle 

✔️ It’s waterproof and resistant to sweat. Hence, you can carry on with your day without any worries. 

✔️ Easy to peel off after use

8 Tips for flawless application of nail stickers :

1-Make sure your nails are clean and dry

2-Use tweezers

3-Place nail stickers very gently on the nail

4-smooth stickers very gently on the nail

5-Smooth long thin stickers

6-Trim the edges of stickers

7-Apply 2 coats of a top coat

8-Paint your nails with a base


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Floral Design Nail Art Stickers