Lightweight Peanut Ball Massager

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Relieve tension down the back and increase thoracic mobility!

We all spend too much time hunched over computers and smartphones, which can be enough to cause our back, shoulders, and neck to get tight and painful. The lightweight peanut massage ball will help provide targeted myofascial release.

Its unique shape makes it effective in relieving neck tension and headaches.
The peanut massage ball leaves space for your spine whilst massaging the muscles that run down either side of your spine. This makes it much more effective than any other tool.


✔️ The Dual Point Massager comfortably cradles the spine while still providing the pressure needed to increase circulation and decrease knots, tightness, soreness, and recovery times.

✔️ Small, lightweight, and easy to bring with you anywhere you go, eliminate your fascia buildup, promote healing, and end muscle pain. easy to clean.

✔️ Help improve blood flow and circulation for faster recovery.

✔️ Increase flexibility.

✔️ Relax muscles, eliminate muscle knots, relieve tension, and stress.

The ball’s unique shape also helps you target areas of the body that would be difficult to treat with a foam roller – such as the forearms, shoulders, triceps, and feet.


  • Material: EPP
  • Size: 80mm


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Lightweight Peanut Ball Massager