Long-Lasting Eyebrow Stencil Set with Stamp

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Product Details

Attain a long-lasting eyebrow shade using this stencil set that comes with the stamp for easy application

Even beginners can use the stencil for fuller eyebrows. It is also suitable for enhancing your front hairline in order to perfect your look.

There is a stencil set included in the package with different eyebrow designs. Hence, you can choose the one that suits you.

Available in different shades, it is easier to pick the one that goes best with your skin and hair color. This Long-Lasting Eyebrow Stencil Set with Stamp is tiny and the best fit for travel.


✔️ Flaunts fine texture to ensure you get uniform distribution of the stamp powder for achieving a more natural finish

✔️ The brush has a mushroom head design. Hence, it grips the powder particles closely and avoids scattered powder during its application

✔️ With simple use design, you can perfect the brows and hairline quickly

How to use this Eyebrow Stencils Set :

Specifications :

Package includes: 

  • 1x stamp
  • 10x different stencils
  • 1x brow brushes 


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Long-Lasting Eyebrow Stencil Set with Stamp