Long Lasting Makeup Primer Spray
Long Lasting Makeup Primer Spray
Long Lasting Makeup Primer Spray

Long Lasting Makeup Primer Spray

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Product Details

 Professional makeup Setting Spray For a matte makeup look that stays put

To give you a long-lasting makeup finish, we bring the primer spray that helps hold your shades of the skin for hours without smudge.

The fine spray isn’t watery and is very high quality. With its lightweight formulation, you get hydrated skin for a long hour without feeling extra layers of cosmetics.

Offering a matte-finish texture, the fixer spray helps you achieve flawless skin in a matter of seconds. Just spray on your face in a circular motion from a little distance to lock your makeup and avoid cakey texture.


✔️ The makeup fixer spray is alcohol-free and suits all kinds of skin types without any hassle. So, you can pick the spray, regardless of dry or oily skin

✔️ Controls excessive oil from the skin and offers balance while hydrating the pores and making you look younger

✔️ Comes with a longer shelf life and is formulated with safe ingredients for healthy skin

Specifications :

  • Quantity: 40 ml


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Long Lasting Makeup Primer Spray