Long Lasting Ultra-fine Mascara
Long Lasting Ultra-fine Mascara
Long Lasting Ultra-fine Mascara

Long Lasting Ultra-fine Mascara

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Product Details

Glam up instantly with our long-lasting mascara that comes with an ultra-fine brush for a precise finish

Make your lash curls the beauty to behold with just a few strokes of this wonderful mascara which requires a hassle-free application. It sets faster ensuring that you can get on with your daily routine after using the mascara.

A long and slim brush gives you enough advantage as a beginner to perfect your style starting from the first use.

Enables fake eyelashes effect to give you a quick makeover, this mascara comes in a handy bottle that can easily hide inside a small purse. Plus, it is definitely simple to take off.

Overall, you would love to play around with this Ultra-fine Mascara to give your lashes the attention you seek.


✔️ This mascara is waterproof. Hence, it is suitable for use in rainy seasons or close to the beach

✔️ With the uniform application, the product helps you avoid cakey texture or unpleasant lumps.

✔️ Look amazing when applied after using the eyelash clippers.

How to use this Ultra-fine Mascara :

Step 1:Curling eyelashes with an eyelash curler.
Step 2:Use base mascara that can-shaped your eyelash up.
Step 3:Once the lashes are dry, use an eyelash curler to shape the lashes again.
Step 4:Brush lashes with a lash comb.

Step 5:Use mascara. (If there is too much ink on the mascara, you can wipe
it off on a paper towel as appropriate.)


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Long Lasting Ultra-fine Mascara