Luxury Mix Mesh Nail Art Stickers

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Dress up your fingers using this luxury mix mesh nail art stickers

The foil nail slice is made of high-quality materials, available in different beautiful color choices of foil, which is super soft and thin so have to be careful when handling it, suitable for home and salon use.

Apply a layer of Adhesive glue gel, cut a piece of nail sticker, press it on your nails evenly, apply top coat, and cure. These foil nail stickers are charming and delicate.


✔️ Very light in weight. Hence, it looks amazing on your nails and does not feel like an extra cover trying to fit in somehow

✔️ Easy to cut with scissors. You can enjoy the overall experience of getting ready instead of stressing over a complex regimen

✔️ The mesh rolls are long enough for multiple uses

How to use this Luxury Mix Mesh Nail Art Stickers :

How to use:

1. Prepare your nails and apply a base coat and dry it.
2. Apply colored nail polish (dark color is better), and dry it (but not totally dry, keep it still a little bit sticky).
3. Press the nail foil on your nails for a while, then remove the foil.4. Remove the foil and the foil pattern should be stuck to your nail and dry it.
5. Seal it with a top coat to protect the foil.

Package includes :

1 box of mesh aluminum


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Luxury Mix Mesh Nail Art Stickers