Magic Degreaser & Nail Polish Remover

Magic Degreaser & Nail Polish Remover

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Product Details

Working like a magic, this degreaser & remover takes just 3 minutes to clean your nail polish without any hassle

No more left stains or stubborn leftovers, just a small amount of this remover can get you fresh and smoother nails in a matter of minutes. Just leave the remover for 2-3 minutes after application and the nail polish will break itself. 

Make sure to apply a little pressure to remove the debris. Made with safe ingredients, the product is suitable for delicate skin and nails too. It's simple to use and very effective.


✔️ The soak-off gel sticks to your nails after application without the running texture. Hence, you can use it without any help

✔️ Keeps your nails shinier and mess-free. It does not harm your nail surface and just works on the polish

✔️ Does not leave any residue and works in just one application

Specifications : 

  • Product size: 6.8*3cm/2,67*1,18 inch
  • Net content: 9ml
  • Skin type: normal

How to use:

  1. Prepare to uninstall
  2. Grind off the sealing strip with the crust
  3. Glue evenly
  4. Still waiting for 1-2 minutes, waiting for the nail polish to break
  5. Gently push to gently scrape off the debris and leave the nail polish

Package content :

1*nail polish remover


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Magic Degreaser & Nail Polish Remover