Magnetic 3D False Eyelashes with Eyeliner

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                                        Natural Natural Vegan Vegan Cruelty-Free

Keeps your 3D eyelashes in one place for longer and feels completely natural

Offering a strong magnetic look, these 3D false eyelashes come along with the eyeliner for a complete eye makeup regimen. Easy to stick and wonderful when put on, this product makes up for the scarce and thin eyelashes anytime you like.

The eyeliner paired with the fake eyelashes is great for absorbing magnetic holds.

What’s amazing is that you can use the eyeliner without the fake eyelashes just as your everyday makeup.


✔️ Eyeliner uses elastin and hydraulic acid for sticking the magnets of the fake eyelashes. Hence, its safe for the skin and cause no problem

✔️ Eyelashes are available in multiple styles to suit your beauty needs 

✔️ Easy to stick to without any hassle. Just a minute or two to complete the setup

What You Need To Know:


False Eyelashes Length: 1cm-1.5cm-0,3 *0,5 inch


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Magnetic 3D False Eyelashes with Eyeliner