Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator
Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator
Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator

Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator

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This magnetic eyelashes applicator is guaranteed to save you time while doing your makeup!

This tool is an ingenious Magnetic Eyelash Applicator that helps you apply magnetic eyelashes in seconds!

It allows you to automatically grab magnetic eyelashes instead of manually clipping.


✔️ Will never hurt your eyelids while protecting your fragile eyelashes.

✔️ Works with any type or brand of eyelashes you use.

✔️ Gives an outstanding, long-lasting curl without damaging them or endangering the eye.

✔️ Shortens your eye makeup routine.

✔️ Designed to make the application of magnetic eyelashes quick and easy.

✔️ It can be used on sensitive skin.

✔️ Fits any eye shapes & works with any magnetic eyelashes.

With this tool, applying eyelashes is like a piece of cake! Just attach two magnetic lashes, clip & release!

How to use:

  • Place 2 magnetic eyelashes onto the magnet part of the Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator. Be sure the magnetic strips face each other.
  • Move the Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator toward your eye and keep its arms with false eyelashes above and below your real eyelash.
  • Gently touch the top arm to your eyelid then close the bottom arm. Now open the Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator and pull it away.


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Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator