Makeup Fixer Moisturizing for Dry Skin
Makeup Fixer Moisturizing for Dry Skin
Makeup Fixer Moisturizing for Dry Skin

Makeup Fixer Moisturizing for Dry Skin

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Product Details

Best for before and after makeup for different benefits, you would love to add a layer of this fixer

Ever used a makeup fixer that is also amazingly moisturizing for dry skin? Combining the great combination of perfect makeup and wonderful skin health, this fixer spray is a must-have for ladies who do not like compromising.

While the makeup fixer spray helps moisturize the skin when applied before makeup, the after makeup application enables excessive oil control for a flawless look.

Offering quick formation of a protective film, the makeup fixer reduces acne and stickiness.


✔️ The makeup fixer helps in regulating the proper amount of sebum secretion for healthy skin. Hence, it hydrated the skin and controls oils with the help of control-pearl

✔️ Flaunts the pearlescent water film technology to effectively lock makeup for all-day

✔️ Absorbs surface shine and ensures a perfect matt look for a glowing and natural finish

Specifications :

  • Quantity: 30 ml


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Makeup Fixer Moisturizing for Dry Skin