Makeup Setting Spray for Oily Skin
Makeup Setting Spray for Oily Skin

Makeup Setting Spray for Oily Skin

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Product Details

Lock your makeup with this setting spray formulated especially for oily skin

The makeup fixer spray is made of wonderful and natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy and glowing forever.

Promoting a lush and charming complexion, the spray makes sure that your makeup is in place for hours. You can wear it all day long and still have the same radiance when you applied the makeup.

The setting spray helps in removing excessive oil while preventing acne and breakouts. That too without causing any skin irritation.


✔️ It quickly dries once applied. Does not take more than 15 seconds to create a protective film above your makeup

✔️ The fixer spray is waterproof and you can stay perfect even inside the swimming pool

✔️ Contains luminous pearl extract and helps provide an amazing glamorous effect. Thus, ensuring a dewy finish to your skin for a natural shine

✔️ Suitable for every woman out there, regardless of their skin type and texture, the product keeps skin hydrated 

Specifications :

  • Quantity: 90 ml


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Makeup Setting Spray for Oily Skin