24k Elixir Moisturizing Facial Hydrating Serum

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Hydrate your skin with this moisturizing facial serum with the benefits of essential oils infused in it.

This serum is perfect for all skin types with rosehip seed oil as the base ingredient. Made of 77% fatty acid, rosehip seed oil makes for the best rejuvenating oil.

Benefits :

✔️ This little bottle contains the essential ingredients for serving as the perfect anti-aging serum.

✔️ It also reduces fine lines and regenerates tissues to provide youthful skin.

✔️ The moisturizing facial serum also serves as the lips hydrating serum.

✔️ Enriched with vitamin C and vitamin A, you can count on it for keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

✔️ If mixed with foundation, it reduces the dryness and keeps your skin glowing for hours long.

What You Need To Know:

You can also use them to revive the dried products which are cream-based. Just 2-3 drops and your cream would again come to life. The rose gold elixir is a 24K gold-infused beauty oil to let you feel the youthfulness from within.


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24k Elixir Moisturizing Facial Hydrating Serum