Nail Polish Corrector & Mistake Removal Pen

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Product Details

Hate smudges when applying nail polish – use this corrector & mistake removal pen to clean the mess afterward

Just use the pen for erasing the mistakes made when working through the nail corners. No more worrying about the excess nail polish on your finger skin.

Flaunting three spare tips for the pen, the corrector is easy to use and very handy. Carry it when traveling and never miss out on the best-looking nails, perfectly manicured. The pen is very powerful and gets rid of residues in just a few swaps.


✔️ The tip of the pen comes in the slope design. This ensures that the pen reaches the difficult angles around your nails with ease.

✔️ With the hassle-free design, you just have to fill the pen with nail polish remover to erase the nail polish accidentally applied around the nails

✔️ You can choose from the different colors of the pen

Specifications :

  • Material: Plastic
  • Pen Size: 12.8 x 1.46cm / 5,03 x 0,18 inch
  • Color: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple

How to use :

The Corrector Pen can easily wipe off the excess nail polish glue applied to the edge of the nail, which is easy and quick to clean.
Ps: The nail polish corrector pen is dry. There is no nail polish remover in the pen. You need to put in nail polish remover by yourself.

Package includes:

1 x Nail Polish Corrector Pen
3 x Replacement tip.


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Nail Polish Corrector & Mistake Removal Pen