Natural Double-headed Eyebrow Pencil Waterproof

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For a natural look, use this double-headed eyebrow pencil that is waterproof and lasts longer

Featuring a thinner head and a thicker head at the two ends of the brush, the eyebrow pencil makes it easy to define as well as fill the brows with colors, without any problem. It's durable and has a longer service life. Even beginners can easily master using this eyebrow pencil in the first use itself.

It helps prepare exquisite-looking and perfectly thickened brows. You can rotate the body of the pencil to retract the refill inside for the highest protection for the product.


✔️ With the soft powder texture, the pencil does not create cakey flakes on the brows

✔️ Suitable for multiple applications, the pencil provides months of use with regular application

✔️ Thin body with a slip-free exterior for fast application of the product.

✔️ Made of skin-friendly ingredients to ensure your skin stays safe and glowing


Color: 01 Black /02 Gray/ 03 Light brown/ 04 Dark Brown/  05 Coffee
Effect: long-lasting, water-tight
Size: 17.5cm
Shelf Life: 3 Years

Package content:

1*Eyebrow Pencil


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Natural Double-headed Eyebrow Pencil Waterproof