3 Pairs Natural & Long False Eyelashes

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Natural Natural Cruelty free Cruelty Free

Make your eyes visible by sticking these natural false eyelashes to your original eyelashes.

No one can make out if these are fake or not. Either it’s a party or the date night, you can glam up in these fake eyelash extensions and accept all the praises with confidence.

Benefits :

✔️ These can be reused and lasts for long.

✔️ Once purchased, you can use them for days and they will have the same effect every day.

✔️ These are hand made and are of high quality.

✔️ These 3D mink eyelashes provide natural looks.

✔️ You will not have to worry about these coming off on itself. Once glued, it will stay until you take them off.

✔️ The natural false eyelashes are available in 11 mm size and fit almost all the eyes perfectly.

What You Need To Know:

These are safe for eyes and do not irritate them. Made of natural material, you can count on these eyelash extensions for an amazing experience.


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3 Pairs Natural & Long False Eyelashes