Nourish & Care Eyelashes Primer

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Product Details

 Always nourish & care for your eyelashes when using a primer to enhance their length and curl

This is why our product brings the best of the two worlds. It offers you an amazing styling option while ensuring that your lashes stay healthy and beautiful naturally.


Formulated with Vitamin E, jojoba seed oil, and Argon oil along with other safe ingredients, the Nourish & Care Eyelashes Primer helps keep your lashes moisturized and stronger.

In addition, the oily film generation after the application of the primer protects your eyelashes from smudges and accidental rubbing of the eyes.

This mascara primer is not greasy and looks natural. Plus, it is waterproof and sweat-free. Hence, ensuring long-lasting fuller eyes.


✔️ The product comes with a crescent double-sided comb. The longer comb tooth is for the upper lashes while the shorter tooth head works best for lower lashes 

✔️  The angled brush helps cover the curved design of the lashes and leaves no point untouched

✔️ With the elastic properties of the brush, it does not deform and helps you attain wonderful lashes, over and over again

Your mascara primer is helpful for :
  • Prepare your lashes for your mascara.
  • Condition and nourish your lashes so they remain strong.
  • Lengthen your lashes so they appear long and lush.
  • Thicken your lashes to give them a voluminous look.
  • Increases how long your mascara lasts throughout the day. 

Instructions :

Note :eyelash primer can be used alone for a nude makeup effect or it can be used with mascara for a better makeup effect


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Nourish & Care Eyelashes Primer