Professional Contour Liquid Perfect Coverage

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Product Details

Get a professional contour makeup with this easy-to-apply liquid concealer for perfect coverage

With 3 long years of shelf life, the concealer won’t give up that easy. It comes with the perfect formula of skin-safe ingredients that work externally and internally to rectify your skin problems with consistent use.

Keeping your skin moisturized while working its magic, the product helps you choose between the different shades. Whether it’s your particular skin tone or the face area you want to modify, there is a color for every specific need.



✔️ Offers a soft and silky texture that feels amazing on the skin and does not bother at all. Free from irritation and allergies

✔️ The cream is easy to remove and does not require too much pressure. Hence, avoiding any possible nicks and scratches

✔️ It is a waterproof formula that stays perfect in every weather

✔️ Simple to apply and offers a natural finish

How to use :

  • Spin out the concealer brush and apply it on the face where has flaws on it (before or after foundation both okay).
  • Use a makeup brush or sponge to press evenly.
  • You can also apply the concealer on the T zone as a highlighter.
  • Note: Please moisturize your face before concealer, the effect will be better.

Package Contents:

1 x  Contour Liquid Perfect Coverage


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Professional Contour Liquid Perfect Coverage