Repair Herbal Cream Nail Strengthener
Repair Herbal Cream Nail Strengthener

Repair Herbal Cream Nail Strengthener

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Product Details

Your nails are infected and you still haven't found a solution? Sometimes you don't even have the courage to show them in public?

Try this nail repair cream today and watch your nail fungus disappear!
This nail repair cream uses glycerin, wheat protein, and angelica to extract ingredients infused with 100% natural Chinese herbs, designed to kill fungus and eliminate fungal infections, redness, rashes, dryness, and irritation.


✔️ No stimulation, no pain, no side effects.

✔️ This cream has a unique and unusual formula that penetrates the nails and improves the appearance of fungal nails.

✔️ This product will restore brittle, friable, or even shredded nails to their natural shape and texture.

✔️ This cream will give your nails a dark color, also caused by the accumulation of debris under the nail, to restore their pinkish shine.

✔️ It will eliminate your strong odor of diseased nails and feet and eliminate itching caused by toenail fungus.

Say goodbye to broken and infected nails and finally enjoy healthy nails!

With the repairing cream, your dry and brittle nails will become supple, beautiful, and have a natural silky shine.

How to use:

  • Apply a suitable amount of product to the affected area.
  • Apply it 3 times a day.
  • Apply it until the infection is completely peeled off


  • weight: 15 g
  • Composition: Glycerin, wheat proteins, angelica extracts
  • Apply to the skin: all skin types, especially people with nail problems.


  • Veuillez mettre le produit hors de portée des enfants.
  • Usage externe seulement
  • Arrêtez de consommer si vous vous sentez mal à l'aise.


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Repair Herbal Cream Nail Strengthener