Reusable Self Adhesive False Eyelashes

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Product Details

These fake eyelashes can become the game changer in your styling needs they are completely reusable and no-fuss setup with a self-adhesive feature

No need for any extra steps, just align the eyeliners in place and press to get a strong grip. Simply an awesome and hassle-free solution for your perfect eye makeup. Plus, the lashes look completely natural and come in various styles to match your preferences.

Suitable for everyday application, these eyelashes won’t disappoint you ever. Make sure to store it in the box properly as packed for increasing its shelf life. For the best outcome, trim the ends to make the lashes match the size of your eyes.

How to use this False eyelash:

Benefits :

✔️Beautifully crafted with long and curly lashes to provide your eyes with the edge they deserve 

✔️Made of the best material to ensure your eyes and skin are safe from any possible irritations 

✔️Thick lashes to ensure you always look your best 

✔️No use of glue


False Eyelashes Length: 1cm-1.5cm-0,3 *0,5 inch


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Reusable Self Adhesive False Eyelashes