Seamless Butt Lifter Underwear
Seamless Butt Lifter Underwear
Seamless Butt Lifter Underwear

Seamless Butt Lifter Underwear

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Who knew butt enhancement could be this simple and natural?

This lightweight shaper will transform your backside! You’ll love the natural curves you never knew you had! 

This butt-lifting shaper works with your body so you can feel completely natural in your own skin. Our unique open-back design boosts, lifts, and rounds your rear. No padding necessary; these curves are uniquely yours! Perfect for post-pregnancy wear or anytime you want a no-wait tune-up for your tush and waist. Your curves really can have it all with this transformative body shaper.


✔️ You can meet all of your basic body shaping needs with this one simple shaper that slims the midsection and lifts the butt.

✔️ Define your derriere with our Butt Lifter panty. This flattering butt lifter panty effortlessly adds dimension to your behind in a sexy, natural-looking way. 

✔️  This shaper naturally lifts the rear while slimming and smoothing the hips 1–2 inches. Now you can wear those tight skirts and pants with confidence.

✔️ It instantly boosts your rear for a natural look.

✔️ It Flattens the tummy and slims the waistline.

Do You Want the Hourglass Hollywood look?

These shapewear shorts are made with powerful microfibers. It is a nylon-spandex blend designed to enforce optimal control over the abdomen and waist while being breathable to wear year-round. The upper-thigh length lets you wear these shaping shorts inconspicuously with short dresses and shorts. 

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Seamless Butt Lifter Underwear