Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil

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Looking to enhance your eyebrows without giving any hint to others?

Try this semi-permanent eyebrow pencil. Comes in a portable size and fits easily in handbags. You can carry it with you for all outstations and to daily commutes.

Benefits :

✔️ The pencil has a fork end with four heads to let you sketch the eyebrows for perfect looks.

✔️ It uses microblading technique to make your eyebrows look original with no clue of any used enhancer.

✔️ If your eyebrows are sparse or do very light to be noticed, this is what you need. 

✔️ You can get the desired eyebrows for hours long every day Just with few strokes,

To use the pencil, stroke it along with the hair growth of your eyebrows and then fix the ends.

What You Need To Know:

The Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Pencil is available in four colors: light coffee, dark coffee, brown coffee, and grey. You can choose the one closest to your eyebrow color. 


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Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil