Silicone Hair Scalp Massager Brush

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Our Silicone Hair Scalp Massager Brush feels fabulous as it gently exfoliates and cleans your scalp!

Multiple Functions scalp scrub brush can deeply clean your hair roots and massage the scalp, stimulate scalp cells for scalp treatment, relieve hair loss and promote hair growth, exfoliate and remove dandruff, relieve stress, and relax muscles (Never hurt your hair and scalp).


✔️ Our soft silicone hair scalp massager relaxes and reduces stress.

✔️ Exfoliates and cleanses your scalp to eliminate dandruff, boost hair growth, and remove shampoo residue.

✔️ Can be used in the shower as a shampoo brush with our comfortable easy-grip handle.

✔️Helps to prevent hair thinning and encourages faster hair growth from a clean, healthy, stimulated scalp!

✔️ Safe and clean to use! Our soft and sturdy silicone bristles gently stimulate your scalp. 

✔️ Portable and Practical! Whether you are on a trip, at home, or in the office, your head can still enjoy massage and relaxation.

✔️ Works well with your favorite shampoo to get a deep scalp cleansing experience.

This shampoo hair brush is suitable for men, women kids, and pets also apply to any type of scalp and hair (whether your hair is thick or thin, short or long, oily or dry). Pets will also enjoy this brush for bathing or hair removal

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Silicone Hair Scalp Massager Brush