Stainless Steel Scissor for Nail Cuticle
Stainless Steel Scissor for Nail Cuticle
Stainless Steel Scissor for Nail Cuticle

Stainless Steel Scissor for Nail Cuticle

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Product Details

Nail cuticle tool you can use as a professional cuticle trimmer and precision eyebrow

Designed with high-quality stainless steel, this cuticle scissor comes with sharp edges and a slim tip for clipping nail cuticles with ease.

The scissor is lightweight and portable. It comes with a tip cover to ensure you can easily store it inside the bag without worrying about accidents. With its multipurpose use.

You can use it for trimming nose hair and eyebrows too. Simple to clean, all you need to do is wash it with water and dry it right away to keep it in the best condition.

Its handles have bigger circles that help provide amazing grip, regardless of your finger thickness. Hence, you can use it with precision.


✔️ Hosts the round and curved edges for keeping the delicate part of the ears and nose area safe when cleaning

✔️ The sharp edges offer an instant cleaning hack for stubborn cuticles and ingrowths.

✔️ A very unique design to enable access to difficult areas of the nails

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Stainless Steel Scissor for Nail Cuticle