Steam Machine Nail Polish Remover

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Save your money! No more endless trips to the Salon!

The Nail Polish Removal Steam Machine is an innovative steam device for simple, fast, and very effective removal of semi-permanent nail polish, construction, or color gels.

The combination of steam and heat allows the polish to soften and gives you a less traumatic experience for your nails and skin.


✔️ Speed: About 5 minutes for LED gel and 10 minutes for UV gel.

✔️ Safety: CE certification; the maximum temperature of the steam is 52 ℃, and the steam will gently soften the frost.

✔️ Reused: Resurrection water can be reused.

✔️ Convenient: Five fingers can be operated on simultaneously.

✔️ Useful for all: Ideal for those people who need to be removed from nail polish.

How to use:

  • Pour 5-10 ml of UV remover into the small container inside the machine.
  • Slightly roughen the topcoat layer
  • Turn on the machine (the indicator - "H" will light up).
  • When the machine is ready (about 2') - the "S" indicator will light up. Then put your hand in. After 5-10 minutes, you can take your hand out of the machine.
  • Gently remove the deposits with a suitable nail file 
  • Power: 36W


  • Power: AC 85 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
  • Net weight: 432g


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Steam Machine Nail Polish Remover