Storage Pouch Toiletry Cosmetic Organizer
Storage Pouch Toiletry Cosmetic Organizer
Storage Pouch Toiletry Cosmetic Organizer

Storage Pouch Toiletry Cosmetic Organizer

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Product Details

When travelling, do not forget to carry this storage pouch, a very useful toiletry and cosmetic organizer

With the useful design, thoughtfully crafted, the pouch occupies very less space inside your suitcase. Also, you can carry it in your hands too. It looks beautiful and will compliment your attire effortlessly.

You can easily store multiple items within this bag and all you need to do is fold it to lock those products safely inside. It is easy to manage.


✔️ Designed with the help of high-quality polyester fibre that protects the cosmetic items from water

✔️ Comes with an anti-bacteria coating to keep the storage pouch odour free and bacteria-free

✔️ The foldable design that wraps at the top makes it look aesthetically pleasing and very attractive

✔️ It is lighter in weight and best for travellers

✔️ Easy to wash, you can maintain the pouch without any hassle

✔️ Prints and colours available for choice


  • Material Composition: Nylon
  • Height: 23cm
  • Width: 17cm
  • Length: 17cm

Package Includes:

1*Storage Pouch Toiletry Cosmetic Organizer


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Storage Pouch Toiletry Cosmetic Organizer