Transparent Flower Jelly Moisturizer Lipstick

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The most beautiful lipstick in the world!

These beautiful jelly lipsticks contain real dried flowers, real gold flakes, and are the most beautiful things there are! They look clear so you can see the flowers inside, but change color once they are applied to your lips.

Benefits :

✔️ Changes color according to body temperature.

✔️ Acts as both a lip balm and lipstick for healthy, moisturized lips.

✔️ Gives a gentle fragrance.

✔️ The shelf life of 3 years.

✔️ Cruelty-free to animals.

✔️ Long service life, no discoloration.

It's more than lipstick, it's a fashion statement! This lipstick becomes clear and changes color on your lips by moisturizing them and giving them a perfect pigment!


  • Color options refer to the flower inside, not the color of the lipstick applied to your lips.
  • The color changes with temperature variations so your lips will have a unique color.


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Transparent Flower Jelly Moisturizer Lipstick