Travel USB Mini LED UV Lamp PolyGel Dryer

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Product Details

Suited for travel and home, this USB-compatible Mini LED UV lamp is all you need as a Polygel dryer

The small and egg-shaped lamp is very lightweight and portable. Whether it’s a saloon or your home, the lamp can help you cure extension gels quickly in minutes.

To ensure fast-drying, the lamp flaunts LED and UV hybrid lamp beads. Hence, helps you get perfect nails instantly.


✔️ Completely hassle-free to use. With a one-button design, you can easily set the lamp for curing and just rest while it does the job.

✔️ The lamp is safe and uses white light for curing the gel. Hence, it’s secure for your skin and eyes.

✔️ Hosts 6 W lamp which is quite enough to set your nails in style in minutes

✔️ Easy to power up with a common USB cable. Connect it with a laptop, adapter, or a power bank.


  • Power: 16W(Max)
  • Product Size:45mm*58mm / 1,77*2,2 inch

How to use:

  1. Connect the USB cable to your phone's iPad / MP4 charging. Plug in a power outlet or connect directly to a power source.
  2. Press the internal ON/OFF button to turn on the indicator light.


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Travel USB Mini LED UV Lamp PolyGel Dryer