Treatment Repairing Damaged Hair Conditioner

Treatment Repairing Damaged Hair Conditioner

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Product Details

Need scalp treatment effective in repairing the damage done to your hair while working as a conditioner at the same time, this product is the best bet for you

If your hair feels too rough and coarse and falls off easily when combing, you require good hydration to protect it from further damage. And this conditioner does the same for you.

It quickly treats frizzy hair and maintains an oil balance to ensure your hair does not break easily and stays glowing and strong.


✔️ Safe for your hair and formulated using natural ingredients to ensure you do not face any side effects.

✔️ Gives results in just a few uses. You can feel your hair becoming soft and healthy

✔️ The product is suitable for all hair types and lengths. So, you can start using the conditioner without any confusion

✔️ The conditioner helps nourish your hair and repair it to soothe scalp irritability. It also helps protect your hair following scalding and staining

Usage method:

  • Step 1: After the hair is wet, wipe it along the hair root to the hair tip with a towel until it is half dry, and apply an appropriate amount evenly
  • Step 2: stay for at least ten minutes, then rinse with clean water, and then wash and protect your hair regularly.
  • Warm tips: use and keep it for 10 minutes or more before shampooing to maximize the hair repair effect of the product. It is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week to repair damaged hair.

Product efficacy:

Nourish and repair, improve irritability, care about scalding and dyeing, and soften. 


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Treatment Repairing Damaged Hair Conditioner