Ultra Fine Triangle Eyebrow Pencil Waterproof

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Ultra Triangle Tip allows you to easily and seamlessly draw the perfect hair-like strokes

Flaunting an ultra-fine triangle tip, the eyebrow pencil provides you with a uniform formulation enabling waterproof fine lines for long-lasting effects.

Offering hair-like strokes and finer precision, the brow liner enables you to achieve natural and beautiful eyebrows with ease. The pencil works on both sides. While one end helps you define the eyebrows, the other end helps you blend the shade for a more immersive result.

Using the spoolie head. You can eliminate any lumps or excessive powder left during defining the brow. 


✔️ Our waterproof brow pencil comes in six different shades with each shade looking gentle and closest to your natural hair color. Hence, offering a spotless look

✔️ Ensuring that you do not have to experience skidding or cakey texture, the brow tattoo hosts smoother powder for exquisite-looking eyebrows 

✔️ This elegantly textured brow pencil is easy to wear with a few strokes perfecting the finish. Hence, suitable for pros as well as beginners

How to use this  Eyebrow Pencil :

Step 1:Make one dot at your upper eyebrow head, ridge, and end respectively by using the eyebrow pencil and connecting the three dots.
Step 2: Make one dot at your lower eyebrow head, ridge, and end respectively, and connect the three dots.
Step 3: Use the pencil to make feather-like effects in the contour and use a brow brush for blooming effects.


  • Size:0.28*0,06 in


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Ultra Fine Triangle Eyebrow Pencil Waterproof