Electric Vibrating Makeup Applicator

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Do you want a perfect foundation like the movie stars?

This is a new innovative vibrating make-up applicator that helps make your skin flawless, smooth, and radiant by using powerful yet delicate vibrations.

This vibrating sponge has been created to leave your skin with a professional finish and a flawless complexion.

Benefits :

✔️ Gives a natural and smooth look.

✔️ Makes the skin flawless, smooth, and radiant.

✔️ The puffs are refillable, reducing waste. 

✔️ Quick and easy to use. 

✔️ Not only will this smart make-up tool apply your makeup perfectly, but it'll also gently massage the facial skin.

✔️ It's so easy to use.

✔️ Get a perfect V line for continuous usage.

Over 10,000 vibrations per minute by this soft and elastic puff help give your skin a natural smooth tone and texture by spreading and adhering foundation, BB cream, and other makeup bases thinly, evenly, and clog-free while enhancing absorption.

It enables anyone to apply makeup easily and fast thanks to its portable size and refillable puffs.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Powder Puff Device
  • 2 x Extra Puffs


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Electric Vibrating Makeup Applicator