Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil

Top Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil to Try for Best Results

Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil

Dying to find that one permanent solution that can help attain the most beautiful and perfect looking eyebrows? Look no where other than the semi-permanent eyebrow pencil. Known many women who feel uncomfortable in their own eyebrows, I understand that feeling of hunger for better eyebrows. While fuller and beautiful eyebrows are the reasons why the eyes look radiant, the sparse and not so attractive eyebrows can take the quotient of beautiful eyes away from you.

There are many women around the globe who still use the eyebrow pencils or powders to shape their eyebrows. Trust me, they are using these products because they have no clue about the change this one product can bring in their lives. The semi permanent eyebrow pencils are meant to be the easiest and convenient way of achieving the fuller eyebrows. On top of that, it stays for long hours.

Fighting to get the right shape every morning is a daunting task. You may feel intimidated to look for other options. And if that is the case, try the semi permanent eyebrow pencils. Using the microblading technology, these pencils last for long giving you the perfect and long looking eyebrows for days. You can sleep in it and wake up with similar looking eyebrows from the last morning. Isn’t that something amazing to experience?

Which is the Best Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil?

Knowing what the product benefit entails, the first question that pops up in the mind is: which brand to use? There is no exception to the theory of perfection. Once you know what perfect eyebrow looks like, you will know which one gets you the closest to it.

I have come across a lot of options and to be precise, none of them awed me the way KP Cosmetics did. A company that makes the best semi permanent eyebrow pencils. If it’s not KP Cosmetics, it cannot be anyone else. The fine sketch and hassle free application are only few of the benefits to talk about. Once you start using these pencils, you would know what perfection means.

The product works by settling on the pigments of your eyebrow hair giving them the closest feel to the actual brows. After they settle in, your brows seem fuller with long lengths. The pencil comes with a microblading ends which makes easy to stroke out every layer of hair with precision. With four teeth to work extraordinarily great, you get the best looking eyebrows you dreamt about.

While the wooden stick makes way for best grip, you can go on creating the shape you always wanted. The product gives you the ownership of finding the best of you in few minutes. And, it will stay that way for days.

You can also swim and dance under the sun with these semi permanent eyebrows as the product is waterproof as well as sweat proof. The product comes in four colors. Understanding the need of women with different hair color, KP Cosmetics has come up with four major color options: light coffee, dark coffee, brown coffee and gray. You only need to pick the color that is closest to your hair color.

Benefits of Using Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil

While I have already talked about a lot of benefits that these little pencils bring with themselves, let me put them at one place. If you do believe in fairy tales and feel that wishes never would come true in just the snap of the finger, this product would change your thoughts.

Semi permanent eyebrow pencils can take your eyebrows to the next level. And, you would feel the change in your eyebrows and the appearance as a whole in just few seconds after shaping your eyebrows with these pencils.

The product benefits you in many ways and here are few of the major reasons why you should buy them:

They are Waterproof: You can stay all day in your amazing eyebrows without a fear of messing them under the rain or inside the pool.

They are Smudge Free: Often your hands forget about the makeup and go crawling on your face? Not to worry. This smudge free application would let you feel your face without worrying about the messed up eyebrows.

Goes on for Days: Believe me, you do not have to include the eyebrow shaping chores in everyday makeup routine. Gone are the days when you needed to shape your eyebrow hair only to find them back to square the very same evening.

Easy to Apply: With four stroke heads, you get the closest strokes to your eyebrow hair. You can design them as your wish. If you want a curvy one or the A shaped eyebrows, just work around with the pencil in the apt direction to get the best desired results.

Very Affordable: I know what you are thinking. A product like this would be worthy of some big and fancy amount. It sure does, but beauty experts have made this available at the most affordable cost. Even those who never wanted to buy one, would rave for getting this one.

Looks so Real: Do you remember the days when you mom used to cover her face in the most obvious makeups? As if, it would come right off. There was a time when makeup was all about showing off. But now, it has turned to be subtle and unnoticeable while making you look your best. Hence, an eyebrow pencil that can help make your eyebrows look real even when covered in them, would be the right choice.

The Verdict

Looking at the options available to me, I usually pick the one which are smarter. Which means, the products that help me find the best version of me without worrying about spending hours of time applying them. And, this semi permanent eyebrow pencil got my attention right away. This product is too amazing to be just sitting on its own. It is meant to be bought and used. The right product for every woman.       

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